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Conservation NOW

With climate change upon us, bold initiatives are needed NOW! There is no better way to take carbon out of the atmosphere than by photosynthesis — meaning plants. And the biggest plants with the biggest carbon retention capability are trees. A healthy forest can retain tons of carbon and emit oxygen to replace it. GSLC is involved in forest carbon sequestration and reforestation in both post-fire and non-forest areas.

GSLC currently protects over 35,000 acres, with 71 projects from Imperial to Humboldt counties, from the Mendocino Coast to the vistas of Donner Lake — but we know we need to do so much more, NOW!

These are some Conservation NOW initiatives that we are working on today:

Forest Carbon

GSLC helps landowners navigate and manage complex carbon sequestration projects in private forests. Income from such projects helps the landowner pay for future land conservation as well as for maintenance and improvements to reduce wildfire risk.


GSLC will hold the necessary conservation easements that allow a landowner to sell carbon credits for reforested fire-ravaged lands. Forest floor fuel reduction and existing forest enhancement are also areas GSLC specializes in.

One Tree at a Time

GSLC will enforce deed restrictions recorded by the landowner to protect tagged trees.

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