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Legacy Giving

Want to leave a legacy of conservation? Leave your property to GSLC so it can remain protected from development forever!

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GSLC uses FreeWill—a 3rd party will-writing and estate planning platform to assist donors in creating their giving legacy. This online will-writing resource takes less than 30 minutes to use and helps create your legal will and legacy gift at no immediate cost. The wills that are created are legal in all 50 states. Similarly, writing revocable living trusts, and beneficiary designation and reporting for non-probate assets (assets that you pass on outside of your will are called non-probate assets and typically include IRAs, 401(k)s, pensions, annuities, certain bank and brokerage accounts, and life insurance policies) are all free to use.

Don’t have a will?
You can write one here for free.


Need to create a revocable living trust?
You can do so here for free.

Need to document and distribute assets that your last will and testament do not cover?
You can designate beneficiaries for each of your individual assets here. It’s free.

Once you have created your will, please let us know of your generous gift here.

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